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RAXX Exclusive! Yungpolemaster Q&A

We're having so much fun this week working with Yungpolemaster!

To celebrate the launch of RAXX, we're doing exclusive Q&As with him - get your pole questions answered by the best in the biz!

Here's our first Q&A - using your questions from RAXX app.

We'll be posting again today, so if you want to hear from him make sure you send one in.

What we covered:

0:45 - “I need some splits & flexibility stretches.. and some help with my stage face!”

3:30 “I need some tips for moving well in heels after a past ankle injury”

5:15 “How can I use verbal cues to get more tips on stage?”

8:10 “The poles at my club are way too thick..what do I do?”

10:30 “What are some good warmup exercises for pole?”

12:50 “I love my flow, but I could use some more transitions”

15:10 “Anyone know how to do backflips without hurting your shoulder?”

17:15 “Are bruised legs the name of the game?”

Thanks for watching!

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