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Hey y'all,

This one is a game-changer.

We're compiling a list of digital free promotion and paid promotion for your digital business!


This list is put together from publicly shared posts from these content creators.

That doesn't mean the prices, set up of promo, or offerings are going to be the same - or that they owe anybody anything!!

When you contact anyone on this list:

- Do not expect ANYTHING. This list is just a grouping of posts, tweets, reshares, etc. Things change. They may not be doing RTs or S4Ss or paid promos. Always ask if they offer that service, and if so what their rates may be.

- Ask RESPECTFULLY. "I'm paying you $30, put me on your story" is NOT respectful. Introduce yourself, inquire about their rates, and be clear about what you're looking for and understanding of their time. It's their platform, and their following.

- Respect their PRICING. This list is just a starting place. That content creator may be charging more (or less) or have changed what they offer. That's THEIR choice! This list is just a collection of social media posts, and not a pricing list they have to stick to.

- Stick to your end of the deal. If you agree on a price point, make sure you stick to it. If you agreed on a shout-for-shout, make sure you do your end of things! Your digital reputation sticks with you - so make sure you're known as a pro.

If, and only if, you agree to respect the content creators, only use this list as a starting point, and always inquire (and not assume) that they're offering promotion - find the sheet here.

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