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Going Digital: New RAXX Series



Things are changing.

They’re changing fast.

Clubs are shutting down all over the country, and it looks like we have at least 4-8 weeks before crowded places (AKA our workplaces) will be open for business.

It’s more than that. The markets are going through it.

Closures mean no events/festivals/conferences for months ahead.

Our income sources are going to look very different right now.

To stay afloat during this time, many of us will have to do things differently.

That’s why during the next few weeks (and possibly months) we’ll be talking about a whole different side of the field: cashing in on digital work.

To be clear: I understand not everyone is comfortable with digital work. Privacy considerations, workspace, access to technology – all of these will affect an individual’s choice to go digital, or not.

But I also know a lot of us are going to be shifting during this time, and if you primarily work in the club, I know you’re probably wondering how to make it happen.

While I wish I had the guidebook to skip through all the tough parts of building a digital brand—but when it comes to building a digital adult entertainment business, I’m at square 1.

Just like many of you.

I don’t have the answers on this one.

What I do have is:

A working internet connection, a phone with a camera, moderate editing skills, and an internet full of potential earning opportunities.

Oh, and a closet full of lingerie.

I also have a LOT of questions on how this is going to work:

- What are the best platforms for digital work?

(Onlyfans? Snapchat? Cam sites? Instagram DMs?)

- What are the best formats?

(Photographs? Short Clips? Customs? Full-length videos?)

- How do I price content?

(Start free? Aim high? Build multiple sources of income?)

- How do I protect my mental health and privacy?

(At the club, I walk away. Can I do that digitally? How much time in front of a screen does this mean? What happens if someone rips my content or shares it with my unknowing friends or family?)

- Can I succeed at a top level with different boundaries than other performers?

(Can I bring in substantive income on platforms that feature more explicit content?

- How fast can I grow a digital brand?

(Does getting income in this space take weeks? Months? Years? How can I speed up, or “hack” this process?)

And while I don’t know the answers now, over this time I intend to find out, and share as much as I can with you.

I’ll be tracking my digital journey in RAXX Exclusives – and actively looking for amazing digital creators to interview and consult with.

There are times it will be hard. There are times I’ll be frustrated. If you’ve been in the digital space for a while, watching me flounder may get downright cringey.

But I plan to stick with it – because I know there will be just as many times when I can learn more, do more, and become a stronger entertainer, creator, and businesswoman along the way. Just like you.

Want to follow along?

Stay tuned here for regular updates.

Tomorrow I'll be publishing Day 1: Pros and Cons of Going Digital

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