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Day 2: Let's Talk Boundaries!

Why start with boundaries?

Why not a brand-new camera or a clever username?

Well, because the rest you can figure out after.

The rest you can learn from others.

Your boundaries are your own, though.

And your digital boundaries may be very different from your in-person ones.

That's 100% OK.

There are top performers online who don't make hardcore content.

(Don't believe me? Check out our interview with 10+ year digital pro Melissa Drew)

There are top performers that don't even sell semi-sexual content - ever heard of Instagram famous?

Now, that doesn't mean that it's easy to make money going digital - but that's true with any type of content.

There are going to be lots and lots of other options for your customers whether you're filming hardcore content or selling bikini pictures.

So, before you do either - figure out what's in your wheelhouse.

Here's how I outlined my boundaries - and why I thought it was so important to start here, and go from there.

Stick around: tomorrow I'll be sharing content on branding, standing out in a crowded market, and why going digital as a business shouldn't cross over with your personal digital footprint.

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