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Because we take privacy and security of our users seriously, we require verification for anyone who would like to use RAXX. 

In order to receive an invitation code, you must provide details to confirm you are an active member of the adult entertainment industry.

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Track your income


Your money matters


Celebrate when your earnings increase. See what your expenses are and how it's impacting your bottomline - from house fees to tip-outs. Download CSV reports to see full details for all of your shifts.

Review your workplace


Anonymous Reviews


Share your experiences and voice your honest opinion about the clubs you work at. Help others find a club that best suits their style.

Find a new club


Choices at your fingertips


Whether you're traveling across the country or just down the street, finding a new club has never been more convenient. Easily find hours of operation and contact information. Read other dancers' reviews to decide if it's a good fit for you.

Plan around events


Make informed decisions


Wondering if you should work tonight? Check out the event calendar to see local events that might affect your income. Plan a work trip based on upcoming events in major cities.

Share & Connect


A safe space for our community 


No more shadow-banning, deleted accounts, or unsolicited DMs.

Ask questions, share knowledge, and find support with other industry members. 


The online world has changed the way we do business.  In adult entertainment, it means so many new opportunities- and just as many new challenges. 

Raxx grew out of Racks to Riches- a platform for sales, personal financial management, and whole-life success.

Because in every career in the world of sex work we could use more online spaces dedicated to building and growing connections, resources, and information for and by our communities.

Raxx is an app designed from scratch, and built with our industry in mind.  From personal financial

tracking, to building social and business connections within the industry, Raxx is built for us, by us.